Things to do in Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam for the first time in 2013. I was amazed by the beauty of this city, but also by its size. It is a small city and easy to get around, but there are so many things to do in Amsterdam that you will never be bored. The city has a lot to offer to tourists. The Dutch capital is known for its world-famous museums, scenic canals, and iconic architecture. Here are some ideas on what you can do during your visit:

1- Canals

Amsterdam is a fantastic city. It is full of canals and bridges and has a magical feeling. The Amsterdam Canals are one of the most iconic landmarks in the city that you can’t miss while you are there. You will see them everywhere; they are beautiful, especially at night when all the house lights reflect on the water.


2- Buildings

Amsterdam is a city with a rich history. It has many buildings, architectural wonders, and beautiful houses built centuries ago.
Amsterdam’s most famous buildings are the Royal Palace, The Anne Frank House, The Nieuwe Kerk, and The Rijksmuseum. The architecture in Amsterdam is very diverse. There are many different styles of architecture to see in this city: from traditional Dutch houses to modern skyscrapers.

3- Van Stapele Koekmakerij

Van Stapele Koekmakerij is a Dutch bakery that has been around since 2014. There is just a single assortment of cookies available to be purchased: A dark chocolate base with a white chocolate filling. Van Stapele Koekmakerij is located in Amsterdam, which is perfect if you’re looking for some delicious treats while visiting!

4- Bakers & Roasters

Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam is a great breakfast place. The food is high quality, it’s not too expensive, and the atmosphere is cozy. They have various options, from the classics like eggs to more unique options such as avocado toast.


5- Vinnies

Vinnies is a small, unassuming cafe that offers a great breakfast. The staff are very friendly, they have many whole wheat options, and the prices are reasonable!



I am a coffee drinker and love to try different coffees from different places. On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I found an excellent coffee shop with a great ambiance. The coffee was not too strong and had just the right amount of sweetness. The staff was also friendly!


7- Rijks Museum

The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The museum is located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam South, near the Van Gogh Museum. The Rijksmuseum has a large collection of artworks from various artists, such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, Jan Steen and Vincent van Gogh.

rijks museum

8- Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum is a cultural institution founded in 1973 by the Dutch art dealer, art historian, and one-time director of the Van Gogh Museum Willem van Gogh. It is a place where you can learn about Vincent van Gogh’s life and his work. Van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Groot-Zundert, a village that is now part of the Netherlands but at that time belonged to Belgium. He was an artist known for his paintings characterized by their thick brushstrokes and vivid colors.

van gogh

9- de Hoenderik

If you are looking for a place to visit, I recommend visiting de Hoenderik. It is located close to Amsterdam and has a lot of exciting things to explore. The farm has a small cafe where you can enjoy their delicious apple pie while sitting on the terrace overlooking their garden. You can also pick apples and any other seasonal fruits!

Apple Pie

10- Incanto

The menu at Incanto is a perfect mix of traditional Italian dishes and modern twists on classic recipes. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is cozy, and the service is great. It’s an excellent choice for a date night or family dinner.


11- Chocolaterie icecreamshop Jordino

The company produces the best desserts and ice cream at affordable prices. All their products are made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives, which makes them healthier than most other places. They also offer a wide range of flavors for everyone’s taste buds, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, hazelnut, and many more!


12- Joe & the Juice

Joe & the Juice is a juice bar chain that offers fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and other healthy snacks.


13- Bagels & Beans

This place offers a variety of breakfast items such as sandwiches, salads, pastries & desserts. It also has a wide selection of beverages, including tea, coffee, and fresh juices. They also offer vegan options for most of their food items. Bagels & Beans is the perfect place to go if you want a tasty breakfast or lunch.


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