Setting Boundaries: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in a New Job

How often do you check your professional email during free hours in your new position?

Are you one of those people who checks their phone at home to see what’s up?

Resettlement of your working hours and boundaries in your new job may be necessary if either or both of the above are true.

Setting practical work boundaries is the key to maintaining a healthy professional life. These boundaries help you stay productive at work and enjoy your personal and work life to the fullest.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the effective ways how to achieve work-life balance in a new job and how you can implement them.

7 Effective Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance in a New Job

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to increase work satisfaction and productivity. Sharing your personal goals with your colleagues when you start a new job is important to maintain good work practices and protect yourself from burnout.

These tips will help you balance your career and personal life, regardless of whether you recently changed jobs.

1.     Plan Your Day’s Priority Activities

Priorities change every day. Some days it’s all about work, sometimes it’s related to personal life, but most of the time, it is a mix of both. You should learn how to manage things evenly without compromising on any one of them.

To that end, you can set clear priorities for each day. For example, when working for a new job, set 3 daily goals; your day will succeed if completed. And if you have completed those 3 tasks, add a cherry on top by doing more.

2.     Comprehend Your Body Needs

Everyone has different thresholds and different capacities for handling work pressure. Once the threshold is achieved, you can no longer deliver properly at your work.

Be realistic about your body’s capabilities and be aware of what your body is capable of. Make sure you plan your daily tasks and maintain a schedule for the day. Consider delegating to friends, family, or contact support. You can achieve your daily goals by forming a team of trustworthy people around you.

3.     Steal Time to Recharge Yourself

Do you feel exhausted at your hectic new job routine?

If yes, then find ways to recharge yourself. Make a list of things that make you feel energized. Pick two or three and steal some time from your routine periodically to recharge your batteries.

Taking time out for yourself is important because you cannot keep yourself running on an empty battery, or even a low battery will not enable you to achieve the best results at your new job, so you deserve to recharge.

4.     Get Enough Rest

Keep yourself organized and maintain a schedule to define your routine and daily tasks. Most importantly, decide your sleeping and waking up timings, and adhere to them.

Be sure to give yourself a little time to relax. Your performance at your new job will be improved if you get proper rest.

5.     Learn to Say ‘NO’

One of the clearest boundaries people often fail to set is saying ‘NO.’ Declining certain tasks or jobs simply means that you will allocate your time to something more meaningful.

Besides clarifying your set boundaries to your colleagues, it also reinforces the importance of your schedule to them. There may be others who will take advantage of your inability to say ‘NO’ by occupying your time and energy.

6.     Analyze What Is Worth and What Isn’t

Whenever you work in a new atmosphere, many people try to control you or want to take credit for your efforts. You must therefore master analyzing which tasks are worth the effort and which are not.

Setting the cut-off times for email and phone calls can save you the stress of keeping up with calls and emails. Even if it is a client emailing, do it in the morning. Identify everything that is not adding value and omit it as soon as possible.

7.     Stick to Your Commitments

There are a lot of times when we break our set boundaries and limits, but it is not due to pressure from others; it is due to guilt about setting those boundaries.

Do not let your guilt undermine your efforts to maintain the schedule.

Be sure to stick to your commitments, and don’t forget to keep up with the ‘guide rails’ as you go through life. In turn, they enable us to work at our best.

You will inevitably encounter breakouts and pushback while setting boundaries and scheduling.

You’re not alone!

There is no one-night fix for building boundaries; sometimes, people know they are breaking them every time.

Make the most of your setbacks instead of viewing them as failures. Overcome your setbacks and start working on your schedule again!

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